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Practical aspects of trading with Danish Trees ApS



We want to do business with all types of customers. No business is too big or too small. We adapt all business deals to our individual customer, whether huge commercial chains, garden centres, shops or market stalls.

You are more than welcome to contact us for a proper discussion of your requests and needs. We would be pleased to pay you a visit - not merely to discuss and agree on all the details, but also to actually meet the people we do business with.

That you have not previously sold Christmas trees is no obstacle. If you have a good location and if you are interested in starting to sell Christmas trees, we would be very pleased to assist you with all the practicalities involved. It is important for us that your sales efforts are successful.


Therefore it is of crucial importance that we ensure good communication and that details are specified in a business agreement. Such details may include numbers, qualities, mix, heights, prices, terms of payment, times of delivery, delivery by instalments and adjustment of the last delivery shortly before Christmas


When a written agreement has been concluded, we will label all trees. You are more than welcome to pay us a visit and have a look at the labelled trees.


The trees are cut down approx. two days prior to packing, which allows the trees to mature. The trees are netted, packed and subsequently delivered directly to your address. Basically, no trees have been cut down for any longer than seven days by the time they reach you.


We recommend that you remove the net from the trees upon delivery in order to allow the trees to regain their natural appearance and to present themselves beautifully when sold to the end customer.


No additional costs will be incurred for intermediaries. Moreover, the risk of incorrect supplies and of trees being palletised long before delivery is reduced.


At Danish Trees ApS, you do business with the individuals working in the plantations every day. We are able to act and respond quickly and to adapt to most situations.


Our trees are probably not the cheapest trees available in the market. But we offer the best product.


We grow our trees on fertile farmland in a climatically ideal location, and the trees have been properly fertilized, kept free from weed and shaped manually over the years. The business trading process will be smooth with the best possible communication, which means that the period from harvesting a tree until it is ready for sale to the end-customer will be as short as possible. Moreover, we attach great importance to a flexible handling process adapted to your needs.


For us, the growing of Christmas trees is a long-term and cost-intensive investment. Therefore we find it natural to discuss the terms of payment.


At Danish Trees ApS, we want to establish a good and trusting relationship with our customers that will hopefully result in a long-term business relationship for the sale of Christmas trees to the benefit of all parties involved.



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